Toothbrush Test: Sonicare HX6511 EasyClean Review

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416H62oCnmLIn this article, we’re going to take a look at the Sonicare HX6511 sonic toothbrush.

I’m a big fan of Oral-B’s independently proven brushing technology, but many people swear by Sonicare’s so-called “sonic” brushing tech.

Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out.

Gotta Go Fast?

Philips, tout a 100% increase in plaque removal in-between the teeth, thanks to their sonic technology.

The idea is that these brushes operate at such high speed, that it whips up the toothpaste and saliva in your mouth and drives small particles of it between the gaps in your teeth (where toothbrushes ordinarily can’t go), removing plaque that you usually wouldn’t reach.

Philips’ confidently claim the plaque removing benefits of their technology, but are the benefits real, or is it all just marketing bluster?

The claims are indeed hard to verify.

What Does the Science Say?

hx6511Very few studies have been conducted into the effectiveness of different toothbrushes. However, one famous independent study claimed that sonic toothbrushes don’t offer any additional plaque removal benefits over other brushes.

In fact, the same study showed that Oral-B’s rotational action, actually outperformed all others; removing about 10% more plaque and reduces the chances of Gingivitis by 20%.

But Sonicare Brushes Do Excel At Something

Whilst Philip’s sonic technology hasn’t been proven to remove more plaque, there’s a lot of incidental evidence to suggest that it has other benefits that you don’t get from other brushes.

Namely, stain removal.

Philips’ claim that, after just a few weeks of use, you’ll notice that your teeth are a brighter and whiter shade.

Again, this hasn’t been independently proven, but you just need to take a look at the hundreds of customer comments to see that many people are more than happy with Sonicare’s stain removing ability.

Smokers, coffee and red wine drinkers have all reported good whitening results with Sonicare brushes, so if whitening is something you’re interested in, then a sonic brush could well be worth a punt.

Excellent Battery Life

The one thing that constantly frustrates me about electric toothbrushes is the battery life.

That’s not a problem when you buy a Sonicare brush though; they excel in this field.

The HX6511 will last for 3 weeks on a single charge, brushing twice a day for two minutes.

If your bathroom doesn’t have two pinned sockets that you can use to keep your toothbrush battery topped up all the time, then the HX6511 could be a good choice (but you’ll need to buy a 3 pinned adapter plug).

Money Makin’, Money Money Makin’

The HX6511 is something of a basic package.

The brush includes the usual basic features you’d expect, such as brushing timers to let you know how to brush, and reminder bristles to let you know when the brush head needs replacing, but not a lot else.

That’s not a problem for me, I’m totally ok with a brush that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss, but I’m only prepared to pay so much for that experience.

To me, the HX6511 (even at the heavily discounted 50% off that Amazon charge for it) is a pricey proposition.

I can get an Oral B 600 for half the price.

Plus, with the money I save, I could buy replacement brush heads that would last for 2 years. Sure, the battery on an Oral-B brush isn’t as good, but it has the added bonus of proven brushing technology that actively boosts my oral health.

If you want whitening, or you just love the satisfying whir of a sonic brush, then the HX6511 is the cheapest sonic brush around (and it’s a decent brush for sure).

But, as a person who loves a bargain, the expense really does put me off.