Don’t Brush Too Hard! You’re Damaging Your Teeth!


We have a hard enough time getting people to brush twice a day (31% of people in Wales, for example, simply don’t bother). But how about if you are diligently standing at the sink morning and night, brushing away? The next step is to make sure that you’re doing it right! Make sure that you’re […]

How Often Do I Need To Visit The Dentist?

Glaswegian dental bilss are by far the highest in Scotland. Photo by Emran Kassim

Nobody particularly relishes a visit to the dentist, but unfortunately it’s just something that we’ve got to do! It’s not only your teeth that benefit, if you maintain good oral health you’re much more likely to generally healthy too! So how often do you need to visit? To answer that question you really need to […]

My Tooth Hurts, What Should I Do?

Brushing too hard can lead to sensitive teeth problems, as well as other nasties. Picture by Garry Knight

A super-quick quick tip for you today! I’m often surprised about how often this question comes up; so what should you do if your teeth or gums are hurting, or aching? If you’re suffering with tooth ache, or any pain in your mouth or gums, you should visit the dentists as soon as possible. It […]

Help! I’ve Lost a Tooth! What Should I Do?

A knocked out tooth can be saved! Picture by mmmcrafts

It’s more common than you think to knock out a tooth; it often occurs to people when eating, or after sustaining an accidental blow to the face. If you have knocked out a tooth, you’ll need to get yourself to a dentist immediately. Check below for some of the things that you can do to […]

Should I Buy An Electric Toothbrush?

Rotating electric toothbrushes can remove up to 10% more plaque bacteria.

Electric toothbrush manufacturers like to make a lot of wild claims about how effective their brushes are at removing plaque. However, can you really trust these? Isn’t a good old manual brush good enough for removing plaque and stains from your teeth? A manual toothbrush is more than adequate for taking care of your teeth. […]

Should I Stop Flossing If My Gums Bleed?

Wrap the ends of the floss around a finger on each hand

None of us like it, but we all have to do it; I’m talking, of course, about flossing! Flossing is an absolutely vital component of your oral health routine; dental floss can simply go places that your brush can’t. It’s not uncommon for people to experience bleeding when flossing, and many let this discourage them […]

How Often Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

Replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Photo by Orofacial

Did you know that brushing with an old brush can damage your gums? You should replace your toothbrush at least once every 3 months, or sooner if you have had a cold or the bristles become worn. If you continue to use a toothbrush with worn bristles that stick out at all angles, you can […]

What To Do After Drinking Fizzy Drinks?

Johnson & Johnson failed to prove their implication that most dentists recommend using mouthwash as well as brushing.

All over the world, fizzy drinks are playing absolute havoc with teeth. A lot of people think that “diet” drinks are better for their teeth, but this just isn’t too. The highly acidic nature of these drinks makes them, perhaps, even more damaging to your teeth that the non-sugar-free versions. To be clear, if I […]

Boost Your Protection Against Plaque By 400%

Aquafresh - my favourite toothpaste! (Photo by Bradley P Johnson)

Brushing twice a day? Check! Flossing? Check! Using a mouthwash? Check! Well done, you’re following a really health oral hygiene routine. But how about you give your teeth a little extra boost. Massaging a little toothpaste into the teeth and gums after eating, can boost your protection against plaque by 400%! This handy little tip […]

Should I Brush My Teeth After Eating?

My new brush - the Oral-B Trizone 1000. Better than the Professional Care?

Those eager to improve their dental health, often wonder if they should rush into the bathroom after lunch in order to brush their teeth. Brushing after eating would be a great boost to your oral health, but there’s a big BUT that you need to be aware of. Brushing after eating is a good idea, […]