Philips Sonicare HX6972 Review

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The HX6972 comes with a UV Sanitizer that kills all germs on your brush in-between brushing!

The HX6972 comes with a UV Sanitizer that kills all germs on your brush in-between brushing!

Brushing our teeth is such an automatic act for most people that we often forget the main purpose of doing it; to remove bacteria.

Have you ever considered what bacteria is living on your toothbrush?

Me neither. But as it turns out, our bathrooms are rife with all sorts of nasty bacteria, and your toothbrush is a fertile breeding ground for this bacteria.

In-between brushing, the bacteria on your brush multiply by the millions, and then we put the brush right into our mouthes when we clean our teeth!


If this thought freaks you out (and it certainly does me) then you’ll want to pay attention to this review of Sonicare’s HX6972 toothbrush; this clever little package kills all bacteria on the brush after use!

When you unwrap your brand new HX6972, the first thing you’ll clap eyes on is what looks like a storage compartment on the side of the charging station.

But this isn’t just a toothbrush holder!

It’s actually a UV Sanitizer; a clever little device that uses ultra-violet light to kill all the nasty bacteria on your toothbrush.

Pop your brush head into the sanitizer after you’ve finished brushing, and then next time you use your brush it’ll be germ-free and ready to give your teeth the attention that they deserve!

The handset itself packs quite a punch too. Operating at 31,000 brush strokes per minute, it incorporates Philips’ patented sonic technology.

The idea behind this technology, is that the brush operates at such high speed that it forces saliva in-between your teeth, removing plaque from places other toothbrush can’t get to.

Philips’ say that their brushes remove twice as much plaque as other brushes. However, I would take this lightly as it hasn’t been independently verified.

The only brushing technology to have been verified in independent tests is Oral-B’s rotational technology which can be found in brushes such as the 5000 model in their Triumph range, and the 1000 model in their Professional Care range.

If you want the absolute best plaque removal, check out Oral-B.

That said, at only 10% more efficient, an Oral-B brush certainly isn’t the be all and end all of dental hygiene. Sonicare brushes should do the job well too, and most people report superior whitening with the HX6972 and other sonic toothbrushes.

One of the best features of this brush is the battery, which has a long life and will last for 3 full weeks on a single charge. This is almost 3 times longer than the leading Oral-B toothbrush, so if you don’t have a power socket in your bathroom, then you may find a Sonicare brush to be much more convenient.

The handset also includes the usual array of timers to help you with your brushing. It’ll let you know when you’ve been brushing for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes, and also when to switch your focus to another part of the mouth (making sure that your teeth get a good balanced clean).

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I must admit that I’m rather taken with the idea of the UV Sanitizer. I hate the thought of brushing my teeth with a germ-ridden toothbrush, and the peace of mind that the sanitizer gives is almost enough to make me abandon my trusty Oral-B brush! The HX6972 is available for under £90 these days, which makes it something of a bargain too!