Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Review

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71R7iyOL2iL._SL1500_If you’re on a budget and looking for a new toothbrush, then you’ve probably cast your eyes over the Oral-B Pro 600 at some point.

But with so many more expensive models available, will this budget brush give your teeth the kind of treatment they deserve?

Let’s find out!

Cheaper Price, Same Industry-Best Cleaning

The great thing about Oral-B is that they don’t hold back the essentials in their cheaper products. Each and every one of their toothbrushes includes their 3D cleaning technology.

This means that the Oral-B 600 oscillates, pulsates and simultaneously rotates.

This combination of movements is crucial; independent studies have shown that toothbrushes that do this actually remove 10% more plaque bacteria than any other toothbrush.

10% doesn’t not seem like a huge amount, but the exact same study concluded that people who use this kind of toothbrush have a 20% less chance of suffering from Gingivitis.

This technology is at the heart of all Oral-B’s brushes from the 600 right up to their most expensive brush. So, with the 600, even though you’re laying out a fraction of the cost, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best clean that money can buy.

There’s no doubt about it, Oral-B’s 3D cleaning does a great job and gives you a significant boost to your oral health.

If, that is, you use it correctly.

We Gotta Get It Right

One of the big problems that people have with brushing their teeth, is that they simply don’t do it correctly.

It might seem like a trivial task, but there are actually a lot of common mistakes that not only make it less effective, but that can actually harm your teeth.

The 600 can help you there.

Steady On, Not Too Hard!

pro600First off, it includes a pressure sensor that’ll flash when you brush too hard.

Applying too much pressure is a very common mistake.

People often think of brushing their teeth in the same way as scrubbing stains from a carpet; the more elbow grease the better. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Brushing too hard can actually damage the protective layer of enamel that surrounds your teeth. The thing about enamel is that when it’s gone, it’s gone. It won’t grow back. With enamel damaged, your natural defense to plaque bacteria is gone.

That’s not a problem with the 600. Push too hard, and a red light will flash so that you immediately know that you need to calm down a bit!

All In Good Time

Secondly, the brush includes built in timers to help make sure that you get the dentist recommended 2 minute brushing.

This solves another common gotcha; not brushing for long enough.

The British Dental Association found this problem is highly prevalent, with 88% of office workers (for example) failing to brush for the required two minutes.

The Pro 600 beats this problem by pulsing in your mouth when your time is up. A simple solution, but one that helps an estimated 50% of people to overcome this problem.

It’s Solid as a Rock

Oral-B’s brushes always feel solid and well made, and the 600 is no different.

The handset has the same look and feel as all but their most expensive brush, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand a huge amount of brushing.

The handset is available in an assortment of colours, which is handy if you’ve got several people in the house who’d like to use an electric brush.

No more fumbling around with those ridiculous little coloured bands of plastic.

The 600 is available in blue or purple, and the similar 650 model comes in a black finish (and also includes a travel case that the 600 does not).

Any Reason to Buy a More Expensive Brush?

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to opt for a more expensive brush than the Pro 600.

For starters, the 600 only has one brushing mode. That’s totally fine for the vast majority of people, but some people have more specialised needs.

If you require a sensitive brushing mode, for example, then you’ll need to opt for a slightly more expensive model such as the Pro 4000.

The 4000 also has a whitening mode which some people may find handy.

But for the vast majority, the 600 is a more than capable little worker.

My New Favourite Toothbrush

Sometimes you just want to get the job done with a minimum amount of fuss, and that’s what this toothbrush is all about.

No fancy bells and whistles, just a great everyday toothbrush that’ll give your teeth just as much care as a £100 brush, for a fraction of the price.

That’s my kind of maths! The Oral-B Pro 600 is now my go to choice, and receives top marks.