Oral-B Pro 4000 CrossAction 4 Mode Toothbrush Review

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pro40002With a couple of exceptions, I’ve tended to stick close to Oral-B’s cheaper toothbrushes in past; mainly because they provide the same great cleaning technology as the more expensive models.

However, it seems that Oral-B have learned a thing or two from their mistakes of the past, and have made their current line up of higher-end brushes a much more cost-effective proposition.

In this article, I’m going to be taking a look at the Oral B Pro 4000. The price tag puts this brush firmly in the mid-range, but there are a couple of reasons why opting for this model might be a good idea.

What’s This CrossAction Thing All About?

First off, let’s deal with this CrossAction thingamajig.

CrossAction is Oral-B’s name for their new range of brush heads. What’s different with these heads over standard ones, is that the bristles are set at a 16 degree angle, like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.08.21 PM

The idea, is that the angle allows the bristles to reach deeper in-between your teeth than a normal brush. The deeper a brush reaches, the more plaque bacteria it can remove, and Oral-B say that their CrossAction heads can remove 100% more plaque than a manual toothbruh.

You can see the CrossAction heads at work in Oral-B’s rather dramatic demonstration video below:

Whilst I can’t verify these claims (no independent studies have been conducted), there is some scientific evidence that an Oral-B brush will remove more plaque than others. More on that later.

What Else Do You Get?

In addition to the usual bells and whistles (such as pressure warning sensors and brushing timers), the Pro 4000 also packs in 4 different brushing modes.

The Daily Clean and Gum Care modes are pretty run of the mill, but the two modes that make the 4000 a bit more special that your average toothbrush are the Sensitive mode, and Whitening mode.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth then this brush (or the Pro 3000) cater specifically to your needs. The sensitive mode uses a reduced speed that is intended to give a gentle, yet thorough clean without causing you discomfort (or making your problem worse).

The whitening mode combines different speeds through its cycle, in order to create a polishing effect on the surface of your teeth. Oral-B say that this mode has proven to reduce tooth staining in their tests.

9 Months Worth of Brush Heads – Free!

pro4000Also in the box are 3 replacement brush heads.

Generally, these heads will last around 3 months before needing to be changed, so the 3 that are included in the box will have you covered for a good 9 months before you even need to think about shelling out for any more.

Reasons To Choose The 4000

So why might you choose the 4000 over one of Oral-B’s cheaper models? Well there are a few good reasons.

First of all, if you’re a sufferer of sensitive teeth, the 4000 includes the necessary sensitive cleaning mode that you’re going to need.

If you’re hoping to reduce staining on your teeth, then the whitening mode isn’t available in any of the cheaper models, so the 4000 is the handset for you.

I’m Picking Up Good Rotations

I mentioned earlier that there is some scientific evidence that an Oral-B brush will remove more plaque than any other brush, and it’s all because of their 3D Cleaning technology.

One of the only independent studies into electric toothbrushes found that brushes that rotate, actually remove 10% more plaque than other toothbrushes.

Oral-B’s 3D Cleaning technology does just that. It oscillates, pulsates and rotates simultaneously, and this combination of movements has been proven to clean your teeth that little bit better.

Whilst 10% extra plaque removal might not sound like that big a deal, remember that bacteria that aren’t removed simply multiply. The same study found that that extra 10% of plaque removed meant a 20% less chance of suffering from Gingivitis.

Excellent Brush

The 4000 is an excellent brush, for sure. It has proven cleaning technology, 9 months worth of free brush heads, and the sensitive and whitening modes top off an excellent package.

If you prefer to lay out as little cash as possible up front, then the excellent Pro 2000 would be a great option for you, as would the super-bargain 600 model.

If you’re in need of a toothbrush with a whitening mode, or a sensitive mode, then the 4000 would be a fantastic choice. Yes, the sensitive mode is present in the slightly cheaper 3000 model model, but the included 9 months worth of brush heads make up for that!