Oral-B Pro 3000 CrossAction Toothbrush Review

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3000topIt can be hard to sift through the various features and differences between Oral-B toothbrushes. They simply have a massive variety of choices.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Oral-B Pro 3000, and find out if it’s got anything to offer over and above the cheaper Oral-B models.

CrossAction and 3D Cleaning

Of course, the most important thing, is how well a toothbrush cleans. All the gimmicks in the world are useless if it doesn’t take good care of your teeth.

The Pro 3000, as with all Oral-B toothbrushes, comes with both their 3D Cleaning technology and a CrossAction brush head.

The bristles on their new CrossAction heads are set at an angle, which allows them to reach further in-between your teeth in order to remove more plaque bacteria. Oral-B say that this allows the brush to remove 100% more plaque than a regular brush.

Although there has been no independent research conducted that can confirm the effectiveness of CrossAction, their “3D Cleaning” tech has been independently proven.

3D cleaning simply means that the brush oscillates, pulsates and rotates simultaneously.

This combination of movements has been proven in independent trials to remove 10% more plaque than a normal brush, which actually reduces your chances of suffering from Gingivitis by 20%.

Sensitive Teeth?

If you’ve got sensitive teeth, then the 3000 is the cheapest model of toothbrush that has a sensitive mode included.

The sensitive mode simply reduces the speed for a more gentle clean.

However, if you do have sensitive teeth, you should check with your dentist before switching to an electric brush.

Not So Exciting

The sensitive mode is really one of the only reasons to choose this over a cheaper model. If the sensitive mode is a must for you, then you’ll be happy with the 3000.

However, if you don’t need that mode then I can’t see any compelling reason to go with the 3000. The Pro 600 costs £20 less, and contains the exact same cleaning technology. That £20 saving could buy enough replacement brush heads to keep you going for 2 years!

It’s hard to score this brush. Yes, it cleans brilliantly (as do all Oral-B brushes), but if the sensitive mode isn’t something that you need that it doesn’t really constitute good value for money.