3.5 Billion People Have Poor Oral Health

Half the world's population has poor oral health. That's 3.5 billion people! Picture by heraldpost

A new study, which 500 scientists from all over the planet collaborated in, has revealed that instances of dental disease have increased by 20% in the last 20 years. Not only that, but the study concludes that half of the world’s population has poor oral health. Yes, that’s 3.5 BILLION people with poor oral health, […]

New Test Predicts Caries Risk in Seconds

The CariScreen device is helping dentist to predict the risk of caries for the first time.

Dental caries is one of the most common dental health problems; in places such as Wales, just over 40% of children have some form of tooth decay. Despite the problem being so common, in the past there hasn’t been an easy test that dentists could use to determine the risk of a patient developing caries […]

Vibration Technology For Dental Assessment Gets Patent

New vibration technology may reduce the need for some dental x-rays

A patent has been granted to Fovean for a new vibration technology that allows the diagnosis of tissue conditions, possibly without X-ray. According to Fovean, the system can help to determine if tissue, teeth or tooth structure is cracked due to disease or overloading. It can also find perforations through a tooth during root canal […]

Welsh 5 Year Olds Undergoing Rotten Teeth Surgery

31% of Welsh people brush just once per day! Picture by What What

The population of Wales hasn’t had much good news over the last few years when it comes to their dental health, and the latest bad news is that Welsh children as young as 5 years old are having surgery to remove tooth due to tooth decay. When it comes to children’s dental health, Wales has […]

Haribo Ordered to Pay Compensation Due to Damaged Teeth

Haribo were ordered to pay 2000 Euros in compensation due to plaster inside a cola bottle. Picture by Pigpogm

Confectionary manufacturer Haribo have this week been ordered to pay 2000 Euros in compensation, after a customer of theirs damaged two of his teeth while eating one of their “cola bottles”. The plaintiff had been at a party and bitten into a Haribo cola bottle that contained a hard object, and damaged two of his […]

Cheese May Help Prevent Cavities

Cheese raise pH levels in the mouth, lower the risk of tooth erosion. Picture by Jules Morgan

The latest issue of the General Dentistry journal includes an interesting article about a study that found that cheese may help to prevent cavities. The study took 63 participants and measured pH levels in their mouths after consuming milk, sugar-free yoghurt, and cheddar cheese. The pH levels were checked 10, 20 and 30 minutes after […]

Brits in Danger From Illegal Tooth Whitening

Only dentists can legally buy tooth whitening products in the UK. Picture by White Image

It’s Britain’s “National Smile Month”, and to coincide with the event, the British Dental Health Association has conducted a survey which found that 25% of Brits think that beauty kiosk staff are qualified to provide teeth whitening services. In fact, more than 1 in 4 people said that they’d be more likely to purchase a […]

7 Million Brits Don’t Brush Their Teeth Regularly

7 million brits fail to brush on a regular basis. Picture by Chris Breeze

According to a new survey by the British Dental Health foundation, 7 million British people fail to brush their teeth on a regular basis. The BDA commissioned the survey of 2000 Brits as part of National Smile Month, and had been hoping that British attitudes towards dental health had improved since the last survey in […]

Misleading Mouthwash Advertisment Banned


A radio advertising spot for Listerine Total Care mouthwash has been banned from the airwaves by the Advertising Standards Authority, the UK’s advertising regulator. The advert claimed that “brushing alone is not enough”, and the ASA said that Johnson & Johnson, the company behind Listerine, could not back up the implication that most dental health […]

Diet Sodas and Crack Cocaine Cause Similar Tooth Damage

Diet sodas caused just as much tooth damage as methamphetamine (which often contains battery acid) Photo by Pinprick

If you enjoy a Coke or a Mountain Dew from time to time, you’ll probably be shocked to learn that these sugar drinks can be just as damaged to your teeth as methamphetamine and crack cocaine! Yet that is exactly what a recent case study has found. The case study took a look at the […]