Hi, and welcome to ToothbrushTown.co.uk!

I decided to start this site after going through a journey to improve my dental health.

The Internet is a great source of information, and everything you need to know about your dental health is out there. However, I found that the ABC’s of taking care of your teeth simply weren’t to be found in any one easily accessible place (at least, not that I’ve found).

A lot of blogs out there tend to concentrate on “The Top 10 of This” or the “Best 5 Tips To Do That”, and whilst these articles are entertaining, they don’t tell the whole story.

It’s my aim to write about everything I’ve learned about taking care of your teeth, from the patient’s perspective.

Where to start?

I’d suggest you go straight to Part 1 of my guide. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be going through the ideal dental hygiene process in detail; from what to buy, to exactly how to floss.

You can check out the Toothbrush Town Manifesto here; the core beliefs that are driving me to write the articles on this site.

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Full disclosure: I’m not a dentist. If you need any dental advice, you should always make an appointment with your dentist and ask him or her. I’m simply a patient who has suffered with dental health problems in the past, gone on a journey to find out how to improve my oral health, and now would like to share what I have learned. I’m not a dental health professional, so please consult with your dentist before changing your dental health routine!