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Half the world's population has poor oral health. That's 3.5 billion people! Picture by heraldpost

3.5 Billion People Have Poor Oral Health

A new study, which 500 scientists from all over the planet collaborated in, has revealed that instances of dental disease have … [Read More...]

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Don’t Brush Too Hard! You’re Damaging Your Teeth!

We have a hard enough time getting people to brush twice a day (31% of people in Wales, for example, simply don't bother). But how about if you are diligently standing at the sink morning and night, brushing away? The next step is to make sure that you're doing it right! Make sure that you're … [Read More...]

Glaswegian dental bilss are by far the highest in Scotland. Photo by Emran Kassim

How Often Do I Need To Visit The Dentist?

Nobody particularly relishes a visit to the dentist, but unfortunately it's just something that we've got to do! It's not only your teeth that benefit, if you maintain good oral health you're much more likely to generally healthy too! So how often do you need to visit? To answer that question … [Read More...]

Brushing too hard can lead to sensitive teeth problems, as well as other nasties. Picture by Garry Knight

My Tooth Hurts, What Should I Do?

A super-quick quick tip for you today! I'm often surprised about how often this question comes up; so what should you do if your teeth or gums are hurting, or aching? If you're suffering with tooth ache, or any pain in your mouth or gums, you should visit the dentists as soon as … [Read More...]

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The HX6972 comes with a UV Sanitizer that kills all germs on your brush in-between brushing!

Philips Sonicare HX6972 Review

57% Off at our teeth is such an automatic act for most people that we often forget the main purpose of doing it; to remove bacteria. Have you ever considered what bacteria is living on your toothbrush? Me neither. But as it turns out, our bathrooms are rife with all sorts … [Read More...]


Toothbrush Review – Philips Sonicare HX6731

55% Off at HX6731 is perhaps the most popular Sonicare brush available; check the best sellers on any online retail website and you’re bound to find it sitting in the top ten. If you’ve checked out the rest of our reviews, you’ll no doubt be aware that we’re big fans of Oral-B … [Read More...]


Toothbrush Test: Philips Sonicare for Kids

39% Off at you’ve ever experienced tantrums and tears at toothbrushing time then don’t worry, you’re not alone. An unwillingness to clean their teeth seems to be quite a common characteristic amongst the UK’s children! But sometimes children can be so stubborn in their refusal to … [Read More...]


Toothbrush Test: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Review

50% Off at’m a pretty devoted user of Oral-B toothbrushes, but they’re not the only option. Philips have been making their Sonicare brushes for years, and many people swear by them. Their flagship brush, the DiamondClean is what we’re taking a good look at today! Diamonds Are … [Read More...]


Toothbrush Test: Oral-B Trizone 5000

56% Off at Even those of us diligent enough to brush twice a day can have dental problems, and often it’s down to the fact that we just aren’t brushing right! Brushing too hard, or for too little time are both extremely common problems that can lead to tooth decay. Oral-B … [Read More...]


Toothbrush Test: Oral-B Professional Care 2000

50% Off at be frank, you can’t quite beat Oral-B when it comes to getting the best brush for your teeth. The 3D cleaning technology in their Professional Care and Triumph brushes has been independently proven to give your teeth the best clean around; removing 10% more plaque than … [Read More...]

The Professional Care 3000 isn't a compelling purchase.

Toothbrush Test: Oral-B Professional Care 3000 Review

56% Off at've been pretty much a constant user of powered brushes over the years; I've briefly switched back to manual brushing at various points, but nothing quite beats an electric one for getting into all the nooks and crannies and generally making your teeth feel nice and … [Read More...]


Toothbrush Test: Oral-B Triumph 5000 Review

53% Off at there’s one thing that writing for ToothbushTown has taught me, it’s that we’re in the middle of a dental health crisis in the UK, and it’s mainly due to the fact a lot of people simply aren’t brushing their teeth correctly. The Oral-B Triumph 5000 aims to correct that … [Read More...]


Toothbrush Test: Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Review

50% Off at I’ve had the chance to play around with another cheap and cheerful toothbrush from Oral-B; the Professional Care 1000. Read on for my full review, and find out what happened when I put it through its paces! The Professional Care range of brushes has been around for … [Read More...]

My new brush - the Oral-B Trizone 1000. Better than the Professional Care?

Electric Toothbrush Test: Oral-B TriZone 1000 Review

50% Off at trusty old electric toothbrush was just about on its last legs, and with Christmas just behind I decided it was time to dig out some of those vouchers and get me a new one! Battery Woes I've used an Oral-B brush for years (the Professional Care 1000 model) and while … [Read More...]

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